Who We Are

Our mission: To empower clients to plan thoroughly, invest
wisely, and retire happily.

When Mark Germain founded Beacon, he felt that financial advisors should go farther and deliver deeper service for clients. Advisory firms were helping clients develop financial plans, but few of those plans were being carried through. With a clear vision to assist clients with plan implementation, Beacon Wealth Management began with just four clients in 2002, and now manages more than $250 million.

Beacon is a fiduciary, fee-based registered investment advisory (RIA) firm. As a fiduciary, we act in the best interests of our clients not just because it’s required by law, but also because we truly want the best for every client we serve. We are not a broker-dealer, so we don’t earn commissions on investment products. Our primary motivation is your success.

What We Do 

Today, we carry this same commitment to financial
planning, investing, and serving clients through:


We believe transparency is key to building lasting, trusting relationships with clients. You can see our commitment to transparency through our client communications and monthly open conference calls.


The Beacon team works together to ensure you are taken care of, regardless of who your primary advisor is. That way, we’re always available for you.


Technology has completely changed the way we plan and trade today, and we believe this is a positive for our clients. Want to know the risk level of your portfolio? Log in to our portal. Want an update on how the latest market hoopla is affecting you? The answer is right at your fingertips in our blogs, emails, and constant communication.