Estate Planning

Do you have an estate plan, and is it up to date?

Outdated estate plans can be bad, but no estate plan is definitely worse. We work alongside attorneys nationwide who are familiar with local laws to create and maintain a unique, updated estate plan that works for you.

Estate planning is complex but its purpose is of utmost importance: making sure your loved ones are taken care of should you pass away suddenly. It involves the coordination of all your assets—stocks, bonds, cash, investment accounts, real estate, business interests, and life insurance—which requires coordination of attorneys, realtors, advisors, and others. Beacon serves as your estate planning quarterback, collaborating with your entire team to make sure everything is in place.

Wills may not be all that is needed. Careful structure may include beneficiary designations, trusts, powers of attorney, family partnerships and living will declarations. You can ensure you are the one who decides what happens with your assets.