Investment Management

Your goals reflect you and so should your portfolio.

When establishing your investment profile, we look at
your big picture, not just asset size.


What personal and financial variables might affect your decisions?


How much risk are you comfortable taking?


When are you planning to retire?


How long of a retirement should you plan for?

On top of these questions, we always consider current future cash needs, family dynamics, health, social, cultural, and legacy considerations. Once we go over everything, you end up with a portfolio that is individually tailored to your unique goals and objectives.

While we partner with you and value your input, Beacon is discretionary, meaning after we have set up your portfolio, we make investment decisions on your behalf. That doesn’t mean we invest wherever we want. Rather, we invest according to your investment profile so your portfolio remains a reflection of you.

In addition, we use macroeconomic analysis to identify patterns and trends, and technical analysis to help identify timing to take advantage of tactical opportunities. We also dynamically allocate portfolios across non-correlated asset classes (including cash) to reduce volatility of returns and mitigate risk.


Our commitment to transparency means we won’t surprise you with any unexpected fees. We believe clients should know the total fees associated with the management of their accounts up front. Our asset management fees are fixed and calculated as a percentage of the portfolio, billed quarterly. Our business model is built on the highest fiduciary standard. We do not receive compensation or sales commissions on investments we recommend or purchase in your account. An investment advisor should help build wealth, not take it away.


Reporting is essential to measuring your progress on the path to retirement. Our advisors and clients use best-in-class software to generate consolidated reports and access portfolios anytime, anywhere, on any device. You also receive monthly statements from our primary custodian, TD Ameritrade.